Exakta Lens Resolution Testing Project

What is Necessary to Test Exakta Lenses?

Exakta Lens Target - Sample Image Only.  Do Not Use for Lens Testing!

Five Easy Steps...

1 - Send an e-mail with your shipping address and Mike will mail you a test target. This is a free service provided by Mike and all you need to do is ask. What a grand gesture to help Exaktaphiles learn more about lens resolution!

Send e-mail to Mike

2 - Photograph the lens target under good lighting circumstances using Kodak T-Max 100 ASA Film. Flash photography is not acceptible (potential flare problems) and sunlight of course, is acceptible. Please use an 18% gray card for meter readings. Take exposures with the lens diaphragm wide-open and at f 8.0. These are the two apertures Mike will be testing. I don't have all of the particulars at hand but Mike will include detailed instructions on how to photograph the target.

3 - If you prefer to do your own darkroom work, use Kodak T-Max developer following the instructions on the package precisely.

4 - Mark your negatives clearly and mail them to Mike. He will measure the lens resolution and send you the results - for free!! I don't need to say what a rare opportunity this is, do I?

5 - After a few lenses have been tested, I (Miles) will categorize and post the results on these pages.

If anyone in Exaktaland is actually interested in participating, this will surely become a worthwhile reference source. BUT - I know how you guys are; the vast percentage of you sit there at your computers, rarely contributing to anything. I am horrified to see 190+ members on the Exakta list and only 10 people that will take the risk of writing a message! Ok, I'm exaggerating a bit but what are the other readers doing? Public speaking (e-mailing?) is one of mans greatest fears but honestly, we're just a bunch of Exakta people. If you take the time to shoot a few lens targets and mail them to Mike, you can participate in something without the dangerous and potentially humiliating risk of public exposure. You may find yourself enjoying a nice afternoon in the yard with your favorite Exakta. ;-)

As of August 5, 2003 we have 40 participants involved in lens testing!

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