Exakta Lens Resolution Testing Project

Sponsored by Michael Higgins

Some photographers prefer the modern standard of the highest resolution possible while others consider this to be somewhat boring and lacking in other desirable qualities. There's a following of art-level photographers that prefer prewar, uncoated lenses and a large group of people who don't trust anything unless it's coated and made by Zeiss! With literally hundreds of different optics to choose from, it is easy to get confused and very expensive to sample all of the lenses! This is an attempt to begin a database of lens resolution tests for the Exakta camera.

Test Your Lenses Here!

Mike has begun measuring the first groups of test negatives and has sent a copy of his first spread sheet. I asked Mike to make a bar graph of the test results and it has now been posted.

A Look at the Current Results!

We are lucky to have an expert in the field of resolution, Mike Higgins. His academic career in electron microscopy has given him a vast knowledge of the physical properties of light, glass and film. He has graciously offered his optical expertise for measuring and testing lens resolutions - for free!!!

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