Exakta Lens Resolution Testing Project

Sponsored by Michael Higgins

The average mean and standard deviation for the population of measurements was 3.760 and 1.281 lp/mm. The darker bars show the distribution of measurements +/- one standard deviation from the mean (66% of the measurements). The lighter bars fall outside these limits and are thus separable. Manufacturer's lenses are color-coded.

The manufacturer's lenses have been color-coded as a visual aid. The serial numbers for individual lenses are included to identify the year of manufacture. There are some interesting surprises already and Mike has only posted 48 lens tests! Download the PDF version of this graph so you can zoom in and out on the image.

Graph of Test Results (45K PDF)

This lens testing project will last as long as people are interested in participating. If you are interested, send Mike an e-mail! The more lenses, the better!

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