Exakta VXIIb and Varex IIb

A/R - Serial number range: 1005000-1125000. Total production: 120000
KR - Serial number range: 1007700-1125761. Total production: 118061
RH - Lists 1 version and no serial range. Total production: 114351

Known Versions
Model Name -
A/R Version
KR Serial Range Changes Between Versions
Varex IIb - 1 * 1007700-1061870 Serial number engraved above film aperture, lower bushing of film sprocket is riveted to the body, front plate affixed with small screws.
VXIIb - 1 * 1012362-1045058 As above.
Varex IIb 1057591-1060351 Serial number still engraved above film aperture but there is a blank, oval surface under the aperture for future relocation of the number.
VXIIb No group listed As above.
Varex IIb 1067375-1110772 Serial number engraved below film aperture, screws holding the front plate have larger heads, different shaped hook for the mirror latch.
VXIIb 1069323-1070311 As above.
Varex IIb 1100428-1125761 Serial number stamped under the film aperture, lower bushing of film sprocket is screwed to the body.
VXIIb 1114356 As above. One camera observed.

* - A/R lists these cameras separately but they are variants.

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