Exakta VX500

A/R - Serial number range: 1500000-1590000. Total production: 90000
KR - Serial number range: 1500109-1585104. Total production: 84995
RH - Lists 5 versions and no serial range. Total production: 86234

Known Versions
Model Name -
A/R Version
KR Serial Range Changes Between Versions
Exakta VX500 - 0 * 1500109-1501703 No lightning symbol on speed knob, "aus DRESDEN" engraved on right top plate, serial number engraved, bottom of camera has a metal plate with "Made in Germany (East)".
Exakta VX500 1502534-1512036 As above but serial number is stamped (pressed).
Exakta VX500 1501825-1505601 As above but no metal plate on the bottom.
VX500 - 1 * 1514726-1516615 Lightning symbol on speed knob, film rewind indicator is black (near film speed dial).
VX500 1517610-1537263 Shutter release has a smooth surface without beveled edges.
Exakta VX500 - 0 * 1523903-1547058 As above.
Exakta VX500 1528865-1557487 No chrome stud on left side of the film pressure plate (between the hinge and pressure plate).
Exakta VX500 1559354-1563358 Pentacon tower engraved on right top plate.
Exakta VX500 1561683-1566935 As above but bottom of camera has metal plate with "MADE IN G.D.R.".
Exakta VX500 1569296-1585104 As above but with "aus DRESDEN" engraving on right top plate.

* - A/R lists these cameras as one model with early and later versions.

* - A/R lists the VX500 separate from Exakta VX500 but it is a variant.

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