Exakta VX1000 and Elbaflex

A/R - Serial number range: 1125000-1230000. Total production: 105000
KR - Serial number range: 1126015-1228238. Total production: 102223
RH - Lists 3 versions and no serial range. Total production: 104084

Known Versions
Model Name -
A/R Version
KR Serial Range Changes Between Versions
VX1000 - 0 * 1126015-1133075 "IHAGEE DRESDEN" engraved on right top plate, slotted rewind button, film rewind indicator is silver (near slow speed knob), fast speed knob has engraved speeds, VX1000 engraving on front plate.
VX1000 1136295-1153251 Fast speed knob with printed speeds.
VX1000 1137039-1139928 Rear edge of right top plate engraved "Made in Germany (East)".
VX1000 - 0 * 1169143-1221383 Rewind button has no slot.
VX1000 - 0 * 1127484-1228238 Engraved "aus DRESDEN" on right top plate.
VX TL 1000 - 0 * 1191211-1225462 TL VX 1000 engraving on front plate, bottom of camera has metal plate with "Made in Germany (East)".
Elbaflex VX1000 - 1* 1180450-1199481 Film rewind indicator is silver (near slow speed knob).
Elbaflex VX1000 1217068-1217347 Film rewind indicator is black (near slow speed knob).
VX1000 1220232-1224450 No "VX1000" engraving on front plate. "VX1000" is now on the name plate by itself.

* - A/R lists these cameras only as VX1000 with no version classification.

* - A/R lists the Elbaflex separately with no version classification. They mention there are early "aus Dresden" and late "Ihagee Dresden" engravings.

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