Exakta V. and Varex

A/R - Serial number range: 667000-692000. Total Production: 25000
KR - Serial number range: 670529-691450. Total Production: 20921
RH - Lists 4 versions and no serial range. Total production: 21160

Known Versions
Model Name -
A/R Version
KR Serial Range Changes Between Versions
Varex - 1 674105-679389 Film gate (aperture) screwed to the body, front plate with round cutout for shutter release.
V. - 1 * 670529-681713 As above.
V. 682438 As above but front plate with angular cutout for shutter release. One camera observed.
Varex 683817-691209 Front plate with round cutout, film aperture now part of the body casting.
Varex 685060-686493 As above but front plate with angular cutout.
V. 682302-691450 As above.
Varex and V. cameras have 4 different leather embossings: "Made in Germany", "Germany EXTERNAR", "Germany EXTENAR" and "Germany EXTE NAR".

* - A/R lists this camera as a separate model even though it is a production variant.

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