Exakta and Exa Serial Numbers

Like most advanced collectors, Klaus Rademaker tries to keep track of serial numbers within his collecting interests. Over the last decade, Klaus has managed to assemble a very accurate database of Exakta/Exa numbers that can used for collecting and/or identification purposes.

If you have an original unmodified Exakta that differs from the data, please write Klaus and give him your information. This will help expand the collector knowledgebase. Be prepared, he'll likely ask for photographs and/or detailed information.

For comparison and research information, the Exakta tables include statistics from Richard Hummel's book, SLR Cameras from Dresden and Aguila/Rouah's book, Exakta Cameras. Abbreviations used are: A/R = Aguila and Rouah book, Exakta Cameras. KR = Klaus Rademaker, serial number observations. RH = Richard Hummel book, SLR Cameras of Dresden.

Exakta V. and Varex Exakta VXIIA and Varex IIa Exakta VX1000 and Elbaflex
Exakta VX and Varex VX Exakta VXIIb and Varex IIb Exakta VX500

Exa O (original) Exa 1b and Exa 1c Exa IIb
Exa 1 Exa II Exa 500
Exakta 500
Exa 1a and VX100 Exa IIa

For better cognizance, I've reformatted Klaus' original list, crunched some numbers, cross-referenced the listings with A/R versions and included the "Read This Before..." page. The data easily demonstrates the immense variety in Exakta collecting and I hope you are able to utilize it in your collection.

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