Exa 1a and VX100

Numbers in parentheses are factory part numbers (xx-xxx.xx).

A/R - Serial number range: 200000-440000. Total production: 240000
KR - Serial number range: 200044-659137. Total production: 354201

Known Versions
A/R Version KR Serial Range Changes Between Versions
200044-207058 Two-piece rewind knob (750-002.01) with disc (750-002.02), film speed reminder (370.41-20) as on the EXA IIa, three-piece viewfinder latching system (750-200.02, 750-200.01, 750-000.17), rectangular recess in baseplate, top plate (750-001.00) engraved with "Ihagee DRESDEN". Parts Drawings
208725 One-piece rewind knob (750-014.01). One camera observed.Parts Drawings
210078 One-piece rewind knob (750-014.01) with white colored arrow, new styles of film counter (750-713.02), film speed reminder (750-713.01) and fastening ring (750-000.37). Film sprocket shaft is now 7mm shorter. One camera observed.Parts Drawings
1 210192-213753 One-piece viewfinder latching system (390.03-12).Parts Drawings
218303-241577 Baseplate with circular recess. Camera #241577 has no white arrow on the rewind knob.
232183, 286782, 300578 No color in the rewind knob arrow, new inner body casting with a vertically mounted bracket for the sprocket shaft (750-000.39). Three cameras observed.Parts Drawings
296666-348232 No knob on bayonet lever (300.51-20).Parts Drawings
351236-404175 "aus DRESDEN" engraving on top plate, shutter release with a smooth surface and no beveled edges.
412936-424617 Shutter release locking-lever has no knob.
431364-501898 Large cut-out at the top front edge of the mirror box inner housing.
503806 Knob on advance lever has no notches (knurling). One camera observed.
507493-550420 No outer lens bayonet.
545027-554245 Top plate with black "DRESDEN" printing.
658919-659137 Top plate has no engraving or printing. Frame counter, speed setting and rewind lever as on the EXA 1b.
393967-400300 Top plate engraved with the Pentacon tower.
VX100* 274212-361201 Nameplate labeled "VX100".

* - A/R lists this camera as "similar to the Exa 1a".

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