Exa IIa

Numbers in parentheses are factory part numbers (xx-xxx.xx).

A/R - Serial number range: 140000-190000. Total production: 50000
KR - Serial number range: 140010-186213. Total production: 46203

Known Versions
A/R Version KR Serial Range Changes Between Versions
140010-140040 Top plate without strap lugs (370.41-U1), "AZ" engraving on baseplate, no leatherette in the center screw of the frame counter (370.41-42), the shutter release lock is a matching styled knob with beveled, knurled edge(370.41-31), rewind knob with two engraved arrows (370.41-10), serial number engraved above film aperture, inside of baseplate has two screwed-on metal plates (350.23-3) for latching the back (370.20). Parts Drawings
141950-142705 "Q1" embossed on leatherette, rewind knob with one engraved arrow (370.41-10), two screwed-on metal plates are now riveted. Parts Drawings
143012-144605 Serial number stamped into the camera's base.
1 144566-146590 Rewind knob with two arrows.
147480 One arrow on rewind knob (370.41-10), again, center screw holding frame counter disk unbeveled and with small piece of leather (370.41-25). One camera observed. Parts Drawings
148198-152379 No "AZ" engraving on baseplate, rewind knob with one arrow, shutter release locking-lever (370.41 U11) on back, center screw (370.41-42) holding frame counter disk (370.41-25) unbevelled and with small piece of leather. Parts Drawings
2* 152548-171122 Top plate with strap lugs.
170144-186213 Altered back with vaults holding cartridge and spool in place.

* - A/R lists several variations of parts.

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