Exa II

Numbers in parentheses are factory part numbers (xx-xxx.xx).

A/R - Serial number range: 200000-290000. Total production: 90000
KR - Serial number range: 200007-287574. Total production: 87567

Known Versions
A/R Version KR Serial Range Changes Between Versions
200007-200050 Rewind knob with groove in knurling (370.01-68), "Ihagee-Dresden" engraved on top of prism housing, with a decorative engraved frame. Parts Drawings
200601-214786 No decorative engraved frame on prism housing.
216788-247724 Frame counter disk with engraved arrow (370.01 U4). Parts Drawings
1 250435-287574 Rewind knob has no groove in the knurling. Leatherette embossed "Q1 DDR".

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