Exa 1

A/R - Serial number range: 100000-175000. Total production: 75000
KR - Serial number range: 120024-173663. Total production: 53639

Known Versions
A/R Version KR Serial Range Changes Between Versions
1* 120024-127445 Top plate (350.21.U1) has no strap lugs, serial number engraved above film aperture, "A,Z" engraved on base plate, inside of baseplate has two screwed-on metal plates (350.23-3) for latching the back (370.20), red rectangular mark under the shutter release locking-lever. Parts Drawings
128711-139635 The two screwed-on metal plates are now riveted. Red dot under the shutter release locking-lever.
139841-140298 Serial number stamped under the film aperture.
144131-153256 "A Z" markings on baseplate are replaced by two red dots.
2 150716, 153948, 157855 Top plate has strap lugs.
159563-173663 Altered back with vaults holding cartridge and spool in place.

* - In the Exa 1b description, A/R mentions the Exa 1 was available with M42 mount in 1973.

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