Original Exa

A/R - Serial number range: 200000-245000. Total production: 45000
KR - Serial number range: 200034-242854. Total production: 42820

Known Versions
A/R Version KR Serial Range Changes Between Versions
200034-200224 Original version with 1/250th top speed, ribbed leatherette, black bayonet flange with pin at 10 o'clock position (pointing inside the camera), strap lugs, "V, E" Vakublitz plugs.
200303-203704 1/150th top shutter speed.
202641-204349 "M, X" Vakublitz plugs.
1 204212-211445 Chrome bayonet flange.
208420-221740 Film pressure plate has a third spring.
222211-227384 Leatherette now has leather grain.
227437-231872 Pressure plate flat without grooves.
231624-232339 Front plate has a long hole for the cover of the shutter release but still no cover.
231691-231907 Larger 2.8mm diameter screws on each side of the Ihagee Dresden engraving.
231964-234308 Sickle-shaped shutter release cover.
2 234495-242854 Black PC sockets.
3 245265-270310

System EXA vom VEB Rheinmetall Sömmerda
Most have black PC sockets plugs and a few are chrome. Some have genuine leather, some fabric leatherette. Different castings for the mirror box, three different versions of the WLF, two different shaped covers for the release knob, some release knobs with a drilled hole at the side, some with crackle finished paint under and above film window, bayonet mounts with or without pin, different quality marks embossed into the rear leather. #265954 has embossing on the bottom leather. Some cameras show a very well done finish, some seem quite rough, many different characteristics that are mixed without following an order. Rheinmetall's with chrome PC sockets will have been modernized, as they often show characteristics of later Exa's.
400024 "M,X" chrome PC sockets, bayonet flange with pin. One camera observed.
401436-405554 No pin on the flange and the film take-up hub has a spring clip for the film spool. There are rectangular cutouts for this spring.
408158-415721 "F, X" PC sockets.
423395-438361 Roller on left side of the film aperture.
432642-440577 No leaf springs on back for pressure against the film cartridge.
443097-467368 Removable back and hinge pin.
463599-466639 PC sockets have a wider beveled edge and the film take-up hub has a new spring clip for the film spool. The take-up hub has round cutouts for this spring.
4 472337-531945 Knobs with concentric circles.
5 528911-557434 Front plate embossed with "Exa".
6 559491-620693 Black nameplate with "Exa".

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