Does your Exakta need help?


Most lubricants in cameras will evaporate over a period of time and I'm quite certain that 99.9% minimum of all Exakta's purchased at a camera show or off the internet will be "bone-dry". Does your camera "squawk" when you fire the shutter? The Exakta design is extremely durable which is why you can find dry cameras that actually work. Continued use will only wear them out faster, depriving the future of this fantastic system.


Dry, brittle, stiff, cracked and pinholed curtains will not run at the proper speed for a good exposure. Inspect your curtains from the inside and out for bumpy areas, ripples, pinholes and outright cracking.

Notes on "Chemically Treated" Curtains

Someone has begun painting (literally) Exakta curtains and advertising them as "chemically treated". A friend ordered one of these cameras for me so I could see for myself what is going on. If you don't really care how long your camera will last, I advise you purchase these cameras for they are really inexpensive! The persons involved are buying cameras with 40+-year old curtains that appear to have solid fabric and then scraping-off the original rubber backing and painting it. This is a fast temporary way to refurbish a camera but it will not yield a long lasting repair. The cotton fabric of the curtains and ribbons is already 40+ years old! The camera I received was oiled in a typical fashion.

Jan 2013 - still closed - do not ship cameras please. I am working on projects and trying not to hurry. ;-)


35mm Classic Exakta's

Clean, Lube, Adjust (CLA) - Cameras are disassembled, receive a thorough cleaning and lubrication followed by adjustment of the shutter speeds. Sorry, no Exa's. $175

Curtains (includes CLA) - If your camera needs curtains you pay $20 more for the parts and nothing ($.00) for the installation. $195

VP Exakta's (Standards)

Full CLA - $230

Full CLA with new curtains - $250

More Info

As most of you know, I work by myself with no secretary. I have a difficult time keeping up with e-mail and simply don't have time to respond to everything. This is nothing personal, it's just the way I am forced to manage my time. If you don't receive a reply from me about your repair request - please resend! ;-)

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