The Steenbergen Quiz

A special quiz written by Mr. Hein Erhardt, a surviving descendant of Johan Steenbergen.

Part 1

1. What was the religious ancestry of Johan Steenbergen?

A. Roman Catholic.
B. Jewish.
C. Protestant.
D. None.

2. Johan Steenbergen was born in 1886 in the city of Meppel. What was his fathers profession?

A. Director-general of an ITC firm.
B. Wing commander in the Royal Netherlands Airforce.
C. Rag-and-bone man.
D. Owner of drapery shops.

3. What was the social level of the Steenbergen family in Meppel?

A. Nobility.
B. Beggars.
C. Lower upperclass.
D. Well-to-do trades people.

4. What was the nationality of Johan Steenbergen's mother?

A. Frisian.
B. Dutch.
C. German.
D. American.

5. Who was Hermann Diedrich Steenbergen?

A. The eldest son of Jan Steenbergen and Sophie Brümmer.
B. The only brother of Johan Steenbergen, who died under WWII in Amsterdam of hunger.
C. A graduate (master degree in chemistry) from the Technical University of Delft in 1906.
D. Director of the Food Inspection Department, first in Eindhoven and later in Nijmegen.

6. In November 1918 Johan Steenbergen refounded Ihagee. Who were the six tradesmen who joined him?

A. Emil Englisch, Otto Diebel, Emil Kirsch, Herman Schubert, Hugo Frauenstein and Konrad Koch.
B. Emil English, Karl Nüchterlein, Hugo Frauenstein, Herman Schubert, Otto Diebel and Konrad Koch.
C. Konrad Koch, Hugo Ruys, Herman Schubert, Otto Diebel, Hugo Frauenstein, Emil English.
D. The duke of Normandy, the king of Egypt, Atilla the Hun, Napoleon Bonaparte, William Shakespeare.

7. What was the first government office held by Johan Steenbergen?

A. Colonel in the Royal Netherlands Army.
B. Honorary Consul of the Kingdom of the Netherlands in Dresden.
C. Administrator of the Steenbergen Foundation (Stichting).
D. Honorary member of the Society of Dutch citizens in Emden.

8. How many children did Johan Steenbergen and Elizabeth Nussbaum have?

A. None.
B. One.
C. Two.
D. Three.

9. How did Johan Steenbergen escape Germany during WWII?

A. He was very clever.
B. His wife was Jewish.
C. He was an official representative of an enemy country.
D. His wife had a US passport.

10. The Steenbergen's arrived in New York in 1942 from Lissabon. After six months they left for San Francisco. Why?

A. San Francisco is a beautiful city.
B. Elisabeth Steenbergen had relatives there.
C. Elisabeth Steenbergen had difficulties with the climate in New York.
D. Elisabeth Steenbergen had real estate in San Francisco.