Ihagee and Exakta Quiz

1. The person most responsible for the design of the Exakta camera was a 22 year-old employee of Ihagee! Who was he?

A. Emil Wünsche.
B. Karl Nüchterlein.
C. Otto Helfricht.
D. Johann Wolfgang v. Goethe.

2. The first Ihagee camera?

A. Viktor.
B. Photoknips.
C. Photorex.
D. Venus.

3. What was the Nazi government's reason for taking ownership of the Ihagee factory?

A. There was a government vendetta against Johan Steenbergen. Hitler secretly affirmed the Dutch genetic superiority in camera design.
B. Employee's had recently held the first and only Ihagee assembly line Tango contest in 1954. All contestants were immediately fired because they were 'on the clock'.
C. J. Steenbergen's wife was of Jewish descent.
D. It was military strategy. The factory was the property of an enemy country, the Netherlands.

4. Edgar Lowe did something unusual after the release of the 1952 Exakta 66. What did he do?

A. He rented an airplane and dropped thousands of Ihagee promotional leaflets in East Berlin.
B. He became a burlesque dancer in Görlitz at the Hübschemann Cafe.
C. In a rage, he started the firestorm that eventually destroyed the Ihagee factory.
D. He went into a self-imposed exile upon news of the immediate failure of his design.

5. Why was the 3rd version of the Exa subcontracted to the Rheinmetall works?

A. The Ihagee factory didn't have the space or time to manufacture Exa's.
B. It is a commemorative edition of the Exa.
C. Rheinmetall is a near-indestructible alloy of tin, zinc and pulverized coprolites.
D. Production was banned by the German government when the first Exa proved to have a faulty top shutter speed.

6. Karl Nüchterlein designed several important Ihagee products. Select a group of items featuring his ingenuity:

A. Patent Klapp Reflex, Kine Exakta, Exa.
B. Exakta Standard (the European name for a VP), Nachtkamera, the Instant Return Mirror.
C. Exakta Standard, Patent Klapp Reflex, TTL Meter.
D. Metered Finder, Exakta Standard, Exakta Real.

7. The term "Night" in reference to an Exakta means:

A. The camera will have an extra meter setting for night time exposures.
B. The lens will be faster than normal to facilitate low light exposures.
C. The camera is finished in black lacquer.
D. The camera is intended for use by underground spies, who prefer to work at night.

8. How many different lenses are thought to be available in the Exakta bayonet mount?

A. 900-1100
B. 1100-1300
C. 1300-1500
D. 1700+

9. The famous Ihagee sun and moon logo was designed by:

A. Johan Steenbergen, founder of IHG.
B. Jacques Ruhlmann, furniture designer extraordinaire.
C. Marcel Bing, Parisian art-deco designer.
D. It is borrowed from Rembrandt's painting, "The Night Watch".

10. Nearly all camera manufacturers have paid homage to Ihagee with the use of this historical first, introduced in 1934 with the VP Exakta (Standard). What is it?

A. Slow speeds.
B. The rollfilm single lens reflex (SLR).
C. The film advance lever.
D. The removable finder.