Exakta Repair Fraud

Everyone has heard internet fraud stories but I caught this guy on film!

Exakta Enthusiast Kurt Hurley sent an e-mail asking if I would look at his round mag Kine. Kurt's camera had just returned from a complete CLA with new shutter curtains and something wasn't right. The camera was returned to the repair shop twice and still had problems - to the tune of $300+ and Kurt had to pay the shipping! As soon as I unpacked the camera, I disassembled it to assess the problem. I was stunned to behold this disgusting mess by a "reputable" internet camera repair shop.
Of course, any reputable business will gladly refund at least a portion of a customers payment if they haven't performed adequate service. It's a basic part of business! After viewing the repair shops advertisement for a complete disassembly with full lubrication, I knew they had deliberately committed a fraudulent act and Kurt would have problems dealing with them. After having the same camera in the shop a total of three times, they most certainly knew they were not performing a proper service. Personally, I have no tolerance for this kind of business behavior and think it's important for people to know who is reponsible BUT I have agreed not to publicize the name of this faux-repair shop as they did comply with Kurt's request for a refund - a paltry $170. I think they should have given a 100% refund! I hope the repair shop owner sees the coverage of this incompetence and changes his system of business ethics!
By viewing the workmanship of the repair shop, I knew they were hoping Kurt was an idiot and wouldn't know the difference between a good and a bad repair. I proceeded to photograph the interior of the camera in order to give Kurt the damning photographic evidence required to prosecute someone of internet fraud. I also provided Kurt with a letter certifying that this was clearly a repair of the very worst caliber and the advertised repairs hadn't been performed!

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