I Buy Cameras Too!

I don't just sell cameras - I'm a collector too!

Exaktas Wanted

I'm interested in rare and exotic Exaktas and will pay top dollar for the rarest of the rare! I'm not a tightwad that will try to 'lowball' you for a cheap price. Daguerrian equipment is my other prime interest in camera collecting. Please send an e-mail with your interesting items! Exaktaphile@aol.com

Other Camera Wants

I'm always interested in hearing about rare, unusual or quality cameras that you have for sale or consignment - especially Alpa, Angenieux, Canon, Ihagee Exakta, Large Format, Leica, Leica Copies, Linhof, Nikon Rangefinder and SLR, Robot, Sliding Box, Spy or Subminiatures, Voigtlander, Zeiss... If it's not something that I collect, I can always swap and trade for something I'd like.

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